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Competitive Pricing + Military / Senior Discounts

As a "thank you" to our retired and active-duty military; Bluegrass Gutters offers Military & Senior discounts to qualifying customers!

Highly Experienced Field Technicians / 20+ Years Experience

Our highly knowledgeable field-technicians perform top-notch, quality work; backed by over 20 years experience!

Free Estimates & Same-day Services

We believe in earning business by building trust with our customers! We start the process with a free estimate and inform you on ALL options; with no obligation or pressure, ever! 

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Looking for references? We've got you covered! Check out our Google, HomeAdvisor & Facebook profile pages; backed with 30+ verified ratings & reviews from real customers like you!

Appointment Reminders & "En Route" Notifications

Because we believe in never showing up unannounced, we offer appointment reminders and "en route" notifications via call or text, for any & all of your appointments! 

Trusted Products & Vendors

Bluegrass Gutters has partnered with the most trusted local partners, vendors and supply-houses; to offer you the most-trusted quality home exterior building products on the market! 

Conforming to Industry Standards

Bluegrass Gutters conforms to industry standards by staying up-to-date with the latest in commercial & residential building codes (and trends) to provide services that you can trust! 

Environmental Friendly Techniques & Product Recycling

In all applications we strive to "keep it green"! From recycling of old gutters to the use of "Green Certified" products and eco-friendly techniques... Because we believe in sustainability!

Networking with the Best in Home Improvement

Since 2016, Bluegrass Gutters has been a "Top Rated", "Elite Service Pro" with HomeAdvisor; the nations largest and most-trusted online home-improvement networking site! 

Hassle-Free Annual Gutter Maintenance Packages

Providing our customers with a hassle-free way to keep gutters cleaned, maintained and functioning all year long! Packaged and tailored to your individual needs with a discounted price! 

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance​

Gutters can have a steep life-expectancy, some 20-30 years; though gutter longevity is highly dependent upon various factors, such as maintenance and upkeep. 

Bluegrass Gutters recommends a professional gutter cleaning, at least twice annually; to extend the life of your gutters and provide an inexpensive safe-guard to your home.

Clogged and/or improperly routed gutters can cause gutter-overflow, which often results in unnecessary property damage to your landscaping, siding and foundation. Structural issues and soil erosion are other issues that tend to arise at the hand of faulty gutters.

For these reasons, homeowners should have gutters inspected for necessary maintenance on an annual basis; because it is an essential and inexpensive safeguard to your most costly investment - your home!